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04 December 2005 @ 10:21 pm

Who?: Neville and Seren
Where?: Gryffindor Common Room
When?: Late - just after Dean tells Hermione of Harry's whereabouts

I lost my toad: *sits next to you*
I lost my toad: Hermione was crying....earlier
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you, a little confused*
xSuperSerenx: Oh?
xSuperSerenx: What for?
xSuperSerenx: Why are you telling me?
xSuperSerenx: I'm not really her biggest fan at the moment...
I lost my toad: *Fiddles with a loose thread in his sleeve* Seamus hurt her...
xSuperSerenx: *a little scared*
xSuperSerenx: What?
xSuperSerenx: What did he do to her?
xSuperSerenx: When?
I lost my toad: He grabbed her
I lost my toad: -Shook her
I lost my toad: And shouted at her...
xSuperSerenx: *frowns* What did he do that for?
xSuperSerenx: What did she say to him?
I lost my toad: I don't know
I lost my toad: Harry's in the hospital wing, didn't have time to ask her.
xSuperSerenx: *sighs, looking a little overwhelmed*
xSuperSerenx: Right...
I lost my toad: He's dangerous, Seren...
I lost my toad: And he's changing you...
xSuperSerenx: *shakes her head* He's not
xSuperSerenx: He's not, don't say that
I lost my toad: You put a girl in hospital, Seren-
I lost my toad: Before him, you would have never done that!
xSuperSerenx: She kept going on at me!
xSuperSerenx: She called me a coward!
xSuperSerenx: I wasn't going to sit there and take it!
I lost my toad: But she didn't threaten you with a wand-
I lost my toad: she didn't even have her wand on her!
xSuperSerenx: That's not my problem
I lost my toad: Have you seen her since?
I lost my toad: Shes a wreck!
I lost my toad: She can't walk!
xSuperSerenx: *looks away from you*
xSuperSerenx: I told you, Seamus isn't well-
xSuperSerenx: It's not easy for me
I lost my toad: So, its fine for you to hurt people?!
I lost my toad: *looks at you in horror* Who are you?
xSuperSerenx: *looks back at you, tears forming in her eyes*
xSuperSerenx: I didn't mean to put her in hospital...
I lost my toad: but you did!
I lost my toad: And you don't even seem to care!
I lost my toad: Its him, Don't you see?!
xSuperSerenx: I do care!
xSuperSerenx: And it's not Seamus...
xSuperSerenx: *puts her elbows on the table and buries her head in her hands*
I lost my toad: It is=
I lost my toad: He's bad news Seren-
I lost my toad: He has starting hurting girls
I lost my toad: physicly! *squeaks*
I lost my toad: If you make him too angry
I lost my toad: He could really hurt you!
xSuperSerenx: *quietly* He needs help...
xSuperSerenx: And I just don't know how to help him
xSuperSerenx: *lifts her head up* But you probably don't even care because I've "changed" so much now...
I lost my toad: *looks at you angrily* That was the wrong thing to say...
I lost my toad: I am here beacsue I care
xSuperSerenx: *sniffs*
xSuperSerenx: You...you do?
I lost my toad: Yes!
xSuperSerenx: *closes her eyes and a tear rolls down her cheek*
I lost my toad: Maybe you can't help him...
xSuperSerenx: *wipes the tear away with the hem of her sleeve and buries her head in your shoulder*
xSuperSerenx: They wouldn't let me into the hospital wing to see Natalie
xSuperSerenx: I tried to go and see her but Pomfrey started shouting at me and told me to stay away from her..
I lost my toad: *strokes your hair* I don't think Natalie wants to see you right now either...
I lost my toad: She doesn't really want to see anyone but Dean
xSuperSerenx: *nods*
xSuperSerenx: I wanted to see how she was...
I lost my toad: Shes a bit scrambled
xSuperSerenx: *sniffs*
xSuperSerenx: *whispers* I didn't mean it
I lost my toad: Maybe you didn't, but you did it
I lost my toad: and more than then once
xSuperSerenx: *cries silently into your jumper*

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