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11 December 2005 @ 12:28 am
Who?: Seren and Seamus
When?: Lunch time
Where?: Great Hall/Entrance Hall

Brave Seamus: *Sits next to you silently*
Brave Seamus: I know you probably don't want to speak to me...
xSuperSerenx: *sighs quietly and turns away from you as much as she can on her seat*
Brave Seamus: But I came to say sorry.
Brave Seamus: I didn't mean it...
Brave Seamus: I wasn't thinking straight
xSuperSerenx: *pokes her fork at her salad*
xSuperSerenx: *quietly* Leave me alone
Brave Seamus: You don't think I wanted to hurt you, do you?
Brave Seamus: It hurt me too.
xSuperSerenx: *sniffs*
Brave Seamus: I haven't been myself lately...
Brave Seamus: You know that
xSuperSerenx: You've no need to take it out on me, Seamus
Brave Seamus: I said sorry
Brave Seamus: and I am sorry
xSuperSerenx: *turns to look at you*
xSuperSerenx: I don't believe you are sorry
xSuperSerenx: You hurt Hermione-
xSuperSerenx: And then you hurt me
xSuperSerenx: I don't know how many fights you and Dean have been in
xSuperSerenx: And-
xSuperSerenx: That time you broke Neville's nose...
xSuperSerenx: Looks like this really is you
Brave Seamus: *shakes his head*
Brave Seamus: Don't give up on me
Brave Seamus: You're the only good thing in my life
Brave Seamus: You can't just- *tenses his jaw and looks away*
xSuperSerenx: Can't just what?
Brave Seamus: *shrugs, and stands up*
Brave Seamus: I thought-
Brave Seamus: Maybe you were stronger than that
Brave Seamus: *shrugs*
xSuperSerenx: There's just some things you don't know about me
xSuperSerenx: What you did-
xSuperSerenx: *stands up too*
xSuperSerenx: It was just too much, okay?
Brave Seamus: *says seriously* Punish me
xSuperSerenx: I'm not going to talk to you here about it
xSuperSerenx: Not in front of everyone
xSuperSerenx: You want me to punish you?
Brave Seamus: *watches you leave the great hall, and follows after you*
Brave Seamus: Hit me-
Brave Seamus: Hex me
Brave Seamus: Anything
xSuperSerenx: *turns around to face you*
xSuperSerenx: *shakes her head* No...
Brave Seamus: *grabs your hand as you turn away* What can I do to make it up to you?
xSuperSerenx: *closes her eyes*
xSuperSerenx: Seamus, please...
Brave Seamus: Seren-
Brave Seamus: You can't leave me like this
Brave Seamus: I need you.
xSuperSerenx: *tries to release your fingers from around her wrist with her free hand*
Brave Seamus: *lets go* Please
xSuperSerenx: *blinks back tears*
xSuperSerenx: This happened to my mum, and now it's happening to me and I just don't need it!
Brave Seamus: I'm not your father, Seren.
Brave Seamus: I'm your boyfriend
Brave Seamus: And you need me just as much as I need you.
xSuperSerenx: I don't need you to start taking it all out on me!
xSuperSerenx: That's not how it works!
xSuperSerenx: It's just not...
Brave Seamus: I said sorry
xSuperSerenx: *covers her face with her hands*
Brave Seamus: I can't take it back
Brave Seamus: But I can make change.
xSuperSerenx: *drops her hands and looks at you*
xSuperSerenx: How can you tell me that?
xSuperSerenx: You don't know how you'll be feeling
xSuperSerenx: I don't know...
Brave Seamus: Just give me another chance
xSuperSerenx: *sighs*
xSuperSerenx: You don't get it do you?
xSuperSerenx: You don't get how deep this goes?
xSuperSerenx: *starts up the stairs to Gryffindor Tower*
Brave Seamus: *Stares at you*
Brave Seamus: *turns away, and walks away from the tower*

Who?: Seamus and Juliet
Where?: Entrance Hall/Greenhouses
When?: After Seren walks away from Seamus

Brave Seamus: *watches you from one end of the corridor*
JulietAckerley: *is standing with a group of girls from her Herbology class, laughing about something(
Brave Seamus: *waits for them to leave, and then approces you*
JulietAckerley: *waves them off and starts down the corridor the opposite way*
JulietAckerley: *stops as she sees you approaching*
Brave Seamus: *Shoves his hands into his pockets, and stops too, looking at you sadly, and patheticly*
JulietAckerley: *tilts her head to the side, then outstretches one of her arms* C'mere, idiot
Brave Seamus: *Hesitates, and then goes towards you gladly*
JulietAckerley: *wraps her arm around you*
Brave Seamus: I guess I owe you an apology
JulietAckerley: Maybe
Brave Seamus: I'm sorry
Brave Seamus: I don't know what to say
JulietAckerley: Don't say anything
JulietAckerley: You're going through shit with your girlfriend
Brave Seamus: I don't think she's my girlfriend anymore-
Brave Seamus: I did a bad thing
Brave Seamus: and I can't climb back up like I usually do.
JulietAckerley: *sympathetically* Aww
JulietAckerley: *rubs your back*
Brave Seamus: Why are you being nice to me?
JulietAckerley: *shrugs*
JulietAckerley: D'you want me to make it better?
Brave Seamus: *looks at you*
Brave Seamus: Do you want to make it better?
JulietAckerley: I asked you first
Brave Seamus: *Looks at you for a moment,a nd then kisses you*
JulietAckerley: *pushes you away, but holds onto your collar* Not here, idiot
Brave Seamus: *Shrugs you off him*
Brave Seamus: You can stop calling me that whenever you want
JulietAckerley: I thought it was a cute pet name
JulietAckerley: Anyway-
JulietAckerley: *turns on her heel*
JulietAckerley: Follow
Brave Seamus: *His jaw tenses, and he stays where he is*
Brave Seamus: What trick have you got up your sleeve?
JulietAckerley: *turns around*
JulietAckerley: There's no trick
JulietAckerley: You kissed me
JulietAckerley: So now I want to kiss you back
JulietAckerley: But not here
Brave Seamus: *looks at you darkly*
Brave Seamus: I don't think I should trust you.
JulietAckerley: *shrugs* Don't have to
JulietAckerley: *folds her arms*
Brave Seamus: *turns around, and goes to walk away*
JulietAckerley: Don't fuck me about Finnigan
JulietAckerley: Are you coming or not?
JulietAckerley: *sighs*
JulietAckerley: I don't have all day
Brave Seamus: *sighs,a nd then follows you*
JulietAckerley: *nods* Good boy
JulietAckerley: *takes your hand in hers and leads you outside and across the grounds towards the greenhouses*
Brave Seamus: *watches the ground as you lead him away*
JulietAckerley: So what happened with you and Ms Perfect?
JulietAckerley: You lose her favourite quill?
Brave Seamus: Shut up.
Brave Seamus: *Looks at you darkly*
JulietAckerley: *raises an eyebrow - not that you can see*
JulietAckerley: So you had a proper lovers tiff then?
Brave Seamus: I don't think it's any of your buisness.
JulietAckerley: *shrugs* Fine
JulietAckerley: *opens the greenhouse door*
JulietAckerley: *looks at you* After you, Finnigan
Brave Seamus: *walks in, his hands shoved deep in his pockets
JulietAckerley: *follows you in, pulling the door behind her and magically locking it*
JulietAckerley: *steps up to you and starts undoing your shirt very casually* I haven't seen you around since I floored you
JulietAckerley: Sorry about that
Brave Seamus: I'm sure you are *watches your hands*
JulietAckerley: *nods* You're a very attractive boy, I wouldn't have wanted to disfigure you
JulietAckerley: *pushes the shirt off your shoulders*
Brave Seamus: *rolls his eyes*
JulietAckerley: *grins a little*
Brave Seamus: *looks at his shirt on the floor*
Brave Seamus: *looks back up to you, and moves forward, toying with the hem of your shirt, starting from the bottom button up*
JulietAckerley: *looks at your hands* Your nails are dirty
Brave Seamus: So're yours.
Brave Seamus: And your makeups smudged.
JulietAckerley: *shrugs* I didn't go to bed
JulietAckerley: Ended up in the Slytherin common room in my shirt and knickers
JulietAckerley: As for the nails
JulietAckerley: *moves her head upwards for you to undo her top button*
JulietAckerley: I've been playing with plants all morning
Brave Seamus: *raises an eyebrow* Fun?
JulietAckerley: *half laughs* Hardly
Brave Seamus: *Pushes your shirt off your shoulders*
JulietAckerley: *kisses you once and then starts at your trousers*
Brave Seamus: So...You're not angry with me then? *Moves closer, putting his hands on your back, and moving them down*
JulietAckerley: For what exactly?
JulietAckerley: Calling me a whore?
JulietAckerley: *shrugs*
JulietAckerley: It's not exactly news to me, Seamus
Brave Seamus: *Snorts* I know
JulietAckerley: *looks at you* Watch it
JulietAckerley: Or it'll be only hands this time
Brave Seamus: *Shrugs again* You wouldn't be satisfied with only that though...
JulietAckerley: *shrugs* True
JulietAckerley: Jeez Finnigan-
JulietAckerley: Must you wear this belt all the time?
JulietAckerley: It's really hard to unbuckle from this angle
Brave Seamus: It's the only one I've got.
JulietAckerley: I'll get you a new one for Christmas then
JulietAckerley: Or just wear trousers that fit next year
Brave Seamus: Whatever-
JulietAckerley: *sighs* You do it
Brave Seamus: *Looks down and unbuckles his belt, pulling it off*
JulietAckerley: *takes it from your hands* Might be useful later on
JulietAckerley: *puts it on the table behind her and lets your hands run down her legs and then up her skirt*
Brave Seamus: So, I'm gussing you haven't gotten any action lately then?
Brave Seamus: Since you're letting me, and you've only recently almost knocked me out.
JulietAckerley: *shrugs* I don't remember much of last night
JulietAckerley: Only that Pansy is very messy to kiss
JulietAckerley: *shakes her head* Don't do it
Brave Seamus: *His eyebrows go up* Parkinson?
JulietAckerley: *sarcastically* Nah, the other one
JulietAckerley: *rolls her eyes* How many Pansy's d'you know?
Brave Seamus: There is an old woman who named her dog pansy on my street
JulietAckerley: Ha
JulietAckerley: Well no, I didn't kiss that Pansy
JulietAckerley: I hope
JulietAckerley: *pushes you into the bench*
JulietAckerley: Get on it
Brave Seamus: *Sits down*
JulietAckerley: *gets on it too, bringing the belt with her, and straddles you*
JulietAckerley: *looks at you before she leans down to kiss you* You look thin
Brave Seamus: *shrugs* So?
JulietAckerley: *kisses you, slowly pushes your arms above your head, and pulls away, holding your arms there* So you're thin
JulietAckerley: You weren't normally this thin
Brave Seamus: Is it a problem?
JulietAckerley: *shakes her head, and slowly ties your hands to the latch on the window, a few inches above the table*
JulietAckerley: Not really
Brave Seamus: What are you doing? *looks confused*
JulietAckerley: Shhh...
JulietAckerley: *starts kissing a line down your chest down to your stomach*
JulietAckerley: *hooks her fingers on the waistband of your boxers and slowly pulls them down*
JulietAckerley: *looks up at you, grinning a little*
JulietAckerley: Scared?
Brave Seamus: Scared?
JulietAckerley: Are you? *raises eyebrow, pulling your boxers off your ankles*
Brave Seamus: Why would I be scared?
JulietAckerley: *gets off the bench and puts her shirt back on, quickly buttoning it up*
JulietAckerley: You should be
JulietAckerley: Because you really shouldn't go around hitting girls, Seamus
JulietAckerley: It's just not on
JulietAckerley: It makes them feel trapped...
JulietAckerley: ...Scared...
JulietAckerley: *picks up her bag* Kind of alone, you know?
Brave Seamus: *looks at you, his brow furrowed*
Brave Seamus: Where are you going?!
JulietAckerley: *shrugs* Don't know
JulietAckerley: See you later...
JulietAckerley: *laughs* Or maybe not, eh?
JulietAckerley: *opens the greenhouse door*
Brave Seamus: You bitch
Brave Seamus: *strugles to get loose*
JulietAckerley: Takes one to know one, Finnigan
JulietAckerley: *leaves the greenhouse, leaving the door wide open*
Brave Seamus: Stupid- fucking-
Brave Seamus: *exhales through his teeth*
Brave Seamus: Shite.

Who?: Natalie and Hermione
When?: Before Lunch
Where?: Infirmary

XNatalieJamesonX: *walks over* Maybe you should try get some sleep...
Grangerxgirl: *lifts her head up from her arms tiredly* I'm fine... really...
XNatalieJamesonX: You're going to make youself ill...
XNatalieJamesonX: And he'd not going to wake up for a while...Not really, anyway
Grangerxgirl: I want to be here when he does..
XNatalieJamesonX: I'll tell you before you do...
XNatalieJamesonX: before he does*
Grangerxgirl: *squints*
Grangerxgirl: I'm not tired...
XNatalieJamesonX: *Laughs* I know this will sound really cliche
XNatalieJamesonX: But you can't fool me
Grangerxgirl: *smiles tiredly*
Grangerxgirl: Maybe a bit
XNatalieJamesonX: He won't think you're desearting him
Grangerxgirl: *pauses*
Grangerxgirl: Maybe I should get a few hours sleep
XNatalieJamesonX: He'll still be here when you get back...
Grangerxgirl: *looks at you*
Grangerxgirl: If he wakes up will you come and sit with him?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Smiles* I would say yes, but you'll be back as that happens.
Grangerxgirl: And when will that be?
XNatalieJamesonX: Doesn't matter, you'll be here
Grangerxgirl: *smiles* Thanks
XNatalieJamesonX: *smiles back* Would you feel better if I sat with him until you get back?
Grangerxgirl: *thinks*
Grangerxgirl: *nods* I think I would, slightly
XNatalieJamesonX: *sits on the end of Harry's bed* Alright
Grangerxgirl: *stands up slowly, yawning*
Grangerxgirl: Thank you, Natalie
XNatalieJamesonX: *Shrugs* He did the same thing for me.
Grangerxgirl: *looks at you* Yeah...
XNatalieJamesonX: *looks at Harry sadly*
XNatalieJamesonX: *pats his leg, going through what she sees*
Grangerxgirl: *after a moment* Look after him for me
XNatalieJamesonX: *nods distractedly*
Grangerxgirl: *watches you both a while longer before leaving and heading to Gryffindor Tower*

Who?: Natalie and Dean
When?: After Hermione gets back from sleeping - sometime in the evening I suppose
Where?: Infirmary

XNatalieJamesonX: *sits up on her hospital bed*
xDudexDeanx: *looks up from an old copy of The Quibbler that was lying around*
xDudexDeanx: How're you feeling?
XNatalieJamesonX: *nods, looking around* Alright...
XNatalieJamesonX: *rubs her face, and sighs tiredly*
xDudexDeanx: *puts down the magazine and gestures for you to go sit in his lap*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Steps off the bed, and goes to you*
xDudexDeanx: *wraps his arms around your middle and kisses your neck*
XNatalieJamesonX: *smiles*
XNatalieJamesonX: I want to kill her
xDudexDeanx: *mumbles into your neck* Seren?
XNatalieJamesonX: *nods*
xDudexDeanx: *still into your neck* Why didn't you tell me Seamus hit her?
XNatalieJamesonX: *stops still*
xDudexDeanx: *starts tracing shapes on your lower back with his forefinger*
xDudexDeanx: I'm not angry
xDudexDeanx: I'm just wondering
xDudexDeanx: Seamus is my friend, you know...
XNatalieJamesonX: *seems to tense up*
XNatalieJamesonX: I thought...
XNatalieJamesonX: Maybe you'd be upset- or wouldn't believe me *says shakily*
xDudexDeanx: I do believe you
xDudexDeanx: I told you, I'm not angry with you either
XNatalieJamesonX: *sighs*
xDudexDeanx: *kisses your neck again*
XNatalieJamesonX: *relaxes slightly*
XNatalieJamesonX: This is so hard...
XNatalieJamesonX: I can't sort one vision from the next...
xDudexDeanx: It'll get easier
XNatalieJamesonX: Will it?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Randomly* Seamus is naked and tied to a bench.
xDudexDeanx: *snorts* What?
XNatalieJamesonX: Seamus is naked and tied to a bench.
xDudexDeanx: *laughs a little*
xDudexDeanx: Where?
XNatalieJamesonX: Herbology...
xDudexDeanx: How'd he manage that...?
xDudexDeanx: *shakes his head, grinning at the thought*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Looks down* A girl...
XNatalieJamesonX: Tall..
XNatalieJamesonX: I don't know her name
xDudexDeanx: That'll be one to talk about at his wedding
XNatalieJamesonX: *laughs*
XNatalieJamesonX: Are we going to help him?
xDudexDeanx: *shakes his head* Not now
xDudexDeanx: I want to kiss you
XNatalieJamesonX: *Grins* Do you?
xDudexDeanx: *nods* So much
XNatalieJamesonX: *Smiles, standing up*
xDudexDeanx: *stands up as well, and takes both your hands in his*
XNatalieJamesonX: *tilts her head towards you, smiling softly, then kisses you*
xDudexDeanx: *kisses back gently*
XNatalieJamesonX: *lets go of your hands, and pots her arms around your waist*
xDudexDeanx: *puts his hands on your lower back, pulling you a little closer to him*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Wraps one foot around your leg*
xDudexDeanx: *pulls away as Madame Pomfrey starts shouting about "inapropriate way to behave in an infirmary, Mr Thomas! The girl is ILL!" *
XNatalieJamesonX: *Mutters* Im not fucking Ill.
XNatalieJamesonX: Jesus!
xDudexDeanx: *laughs as she bustles away*
xDudexDeanx: *strokes your hair as you lean against him*
XNatalieJamesonX: *sighs*
XNatalieJamesonX: Bloody infirmary
XNatalieJamesonX: Ill my ass
XNatalieJamesonX: *Steps away from you*
XNatalieJamesonX: Can a sick girl do this?! *does a run up and a few backflips down inbetween the beds*
xDudexDeanx: *watches you and laughs* You haven't done that in ages!
xDudexDeanx: *claps and whistles using his fingers*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Stands up, and bows, blushing slightly*
xDudexDeanx: *hugs you around your middle* My little acrobat
XNatalieJamesonX: *laughs* I haven't practised for a while...
xDudexDeanx: Would you do it wearing one of those little leotard thingies?
XNatalieJamesonX: *smirks* I actually have one...
XNatalieJamesonX: It's purple
XNatalieJamesonX: comes down to here on my arms...quite high up my legs...
xDudexDeanx: Ohh
XNatalieJamesonX: Mmmhmm...I have a feeling you'll like it...
XNatalieJamesonX: *hisses slightly, dropping her head onto your shoulder*
xDudexDeanx: *frowns* What?
xDudexDeanx: What is it?
XNatalieJamesonX: Headache- That's all- Don't worry *takes your hand*
xDudexDeanx: *squeezes your hand a little*
XNatalieJamesonX: *squeezes you habd tightly as another wave of pain sweeps over*
XNatalieJamesonX: *releases your hand as it goes, and looks up*
XNatalieJamesonX: Where was I?
xDudexDeanx: *smiles a little at you* You were doing backflips
xDudexDeanx: But-
xDudexDeanx: Maybe you shouldn't for a while
xDudexDeanx: *pulls the curtain around your bed*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Scrunches up her nose* You're not gonna make me go to bed are you?
xDudexDeanx: *nods*
xDudexDeanx: I'm coming with you
xDudexDeanx: So you can't complain
XNatalieJamesonX: *whines* But I can't sleep...
XNatalieJamesonX: You know I can't
xDudexDeanx: Did I say you had to sleep, Ms Jameson?
XNatalieJamesonX: *shakes her head*
xDudexDeanx: Get in then
xDudexDeanx: *takes off his jumper and puts it over the arm of his chair*
XNatalieJamesonX: *climbs onto the bed*
xDudexDeanx: *follows you and lays down, looking at you*
XNatalieJamesonX: *tilts her head*
xDudexDeanx: You look beautiful even when you are supposedly ill, you know that?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Grins* Thank you
XNatalieJamesonX: You look hadsome when you tend to an invalid...
xDudexDeanx: I am always handsome
xDudexDeanx: I will have you know
xDudexDeanx: *grins*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Licks her lips*
XNatalieJamesonX: Oh?
xDudexDeanx: *nods* Mmhm
xDudexDeanx: That's why you liked me in the first place, right?
XNatalieJamesonX: *nods* Of course
xDudexDeanx: And it was nothing to do with the fact that I am sweet and kind and giving and a brilliant artist, not to mention a very good kisser
XNatalieJamesonX: That has a little bit to do with it...*smirks*
xDudexDeanx: Knew it
XNatalieJamesonX: Of course you did...
XNatalieJamesonX: Do you thing madam Pomfrey would mind terribly if I kissed you right now? *whispers*
xDudexDeanx: The curtains are shut
XNatalieJamesonX: *kisses you*
xDudexDeanx: *kisses back, slipping in his tongue*
XNatalieJamesonX: *runs her hand over your hip,a nd clenches your t-shirt inher fist*
xDudexDeanx: *pulls away, looks at you, and tucks some hair behind your ear*
XNatalieJamesonX: *relaxes her hand against your back, and moves closer to you, Resting her head just under yours*
xDudexDeanx: *starts to trace shapes on your lower back with his finger*
xDudexDeanx: I love you
XNatalieJamesonX: *smiles* I know
xDudexDeanx: *grins*
xDudexDeanx: You're beautiful and lovely and you're mine
XNatalieJamesonX: I'm yours.*smiles softly*
xDudexDeanx: *starts singing* You're just too good to be true... Can't take my eyes off of you...
XNatalieJamesonX: *Blushes, and laughs*
XNatalieJamesonX: Are you drunk? *smiles fondly*
xDudexDeanx: No
xDudexDeanx: I'm in love
XNatalieJamesonX: *kisses your shoulder*
XNatalieJamesonX: So, Am i.
xDudexDeanx: *grins*
xDudexDeanx: Does this mean we're a proper couple now, and we have to have picnics and gaze at the stars and things?
XNatalieJamesonX: I'd much rather just do what we usually do *smirks*
xDudexDeanx: Mess around?
XNatalieJamesonX: *laughs* Yeah
xDudexDeanx: *pulls away a little so he can look at you*
xDudexDeanx: We probably won't be able to over Christmas
xDudexDeanx: Since you're coming home with me
XNatalieJamesonX: *tilts her head*
XNatalieJamesonX: What are you going to do, Dean?!
xDudexDeanx: *looks shocked* Me?
xDudexDeanx: I was worrying about you!
XNatalieJamesonX: *grins* I'm a girl
xDudexDeanx: *looks at you a little blankly*
XNatalieJamesonX: *raises a cheeky eyebrow*
xDudexDeanx: *laughs a little* Yes you are
XNatalieJamesonX: *smirks, laying her head on your chest again*
xDudexDeanx: I don't get you sometimes
XNatalieJamesonX: No one does
xDudexDeanx: Sometimes I do!
xDudexDeanx: I am a good boyfriend...
XNatalieJamesonX: I know

Who?: Harry and Hermione
When?: The evening
Where?: Infirmary

BoyWholived16: *gasps, opening his eyes*
Grangerxgirl: *jumps, but leans over to you, taking your hand*
BoyWholived16: *breathes heavily lookinga round*
Grangerxgirl: Harry...
Grangerxgirl: It's me
Grangerxgirl: Hermione
BoyWholived16: *looks at you suddenly, his eyes wide*
BoyWholived16: You're alive-
Grangerxgirl: *blinks* Yes...
Grangerxgirl: Yes, I'm fine
BoyWholived16: She know...where is she?
BoyWholived16: knows*
Grangerxgirl: *frowns* Who?
BoyWholived16: Her...*lies back down* Natalie
Grangerxgirl: She's...she's talking to Dean over by her bed
BoyWholived16: *shakes his head*
BoyWholived16: Oh god...*whines*
Grangerxgirl: Harry... what is it?
Grangerxgirl: Tell me, please
BoyWholived16: *rolls over onto his side, wincing*
Grangerxgirl: *watches you, her face anxious* Harry
Grangerxgirl: What's wrong?
BoyWholived16: *relaxes again, still on his side*
Grangerxgirl: *whispers* Harry?
BoyWholived16: *opens his eyes slowly*
BoyWholived16: Yeah?
Grangerxgirl: What's wrong?
BoyWholived16: I can't see..everything is blurry
Grangerxgirl: Do you want your glasses?
Grangerxgirl: I have them here-
Grangerxgirl: *takes them from the bedside table and hands them to you*
BoyWholived16: *takes them shakily, and puts them on*
BoyWholived16: What's going on?
Grangerxgirl: You're in hospital
Grangerxgirl: You passed out and...
Grangerxgirl: No one knows what's wrong
BoyWholived16: *Sits up*
BoyWholived16: Have you slept?
Grangerxgirl: *nods* I had a few hours earlier
Grangerxgirl: Natalie sat with you
BoyWholived16: That was her...
Grangerxgirl: Don't worry about me, Harry
BoyWholived16: *looks up at you*
BoyWholived16: As long as you're okay.
BoyWholived16: *winces and clasps at his side*
Grangerxgirl: *frowns* What is it?
Grangerxgirl: What hurts?
BoyWholived16: Argh- I'm not sure
BoyWholived16: I got hit- but I didn't
BoyWholived16: *pushes his hands to his sidem scrunching himself up*
Grangerxgirl: *watches you* In your dream?
BoyWholived16: But it-s
BoyWholived16: *hisses*
BoyWholived16: So real-
BoyWholived16: She brought me out
BoyWholived16: But I don't know for how long.
BoyWholived16: *looks like he might be ill from the pain*
Grangerxgirl: *looks at you helplessly*
BoyWholived16: I don't want to go back in-
Grangerxgirl: *shakes her head* No...
BoyWholived16: Don't let me go to sleep - *says panicked*
Grangerxgirl: *sits on your bed* You don't have to
BoyWholived16: *leans against you*
BoyWholived16: It's horrible
BoyWholived16: I don't know how she got me out
BoyWholived16: But what if she can't do it again?
BoyWholived16: What if I have to stay trapped-
Grangerxgirl: *runs her hand up your back, and starts rubbing it soothingly*
Grangerxgirl: Natalie can see things
Grangerxgirl: She got hexed a few days ago
Grangerxgirl: And now she can see things...
BoyWholived16: What did she do? Did you see her do it?!
Grangerxgirl: *shakes her head* I went upstairs to sleep
BoyWholived16: *leans his head against your shoulder*
BoyWholived16: I can't go to sleep
BoyWholived16: He'll have to take me by force
Grangerxgirl: *nods*
Grangerxgirl: If you want to sleep I'm sure I could ask Natalie to come back over
BoyWholived16: What if she can't rememebr what to do?!
Grangerxgirl: I'm sure she will
BoyWholived16: *sighs*
BoyWholived16: I should have been more careful Hermione
BoyWholived16: then none of this would have happened
BoyWholived16: I don't know the cure...
Grangerxgirl: It's not your fault
Grangerxgirl: It's no one's fault
BoyWholived16: If anything bad happens-
BoyWholived16: *rambles on for a bit*
BoyWholived16: *falls asleep against your shoulder*