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13 December 2005 @ 10:27 pm
Who: Dean and Natalie
Where: RoR


XNatalieJamesonX: *sits on the windowsill in the Infirmary, kicking her legs, and singing quietly*
xDudexDeanx: *walks in, smiling*
xDudexDeanx: You're free to go
XNatalieJamesonX: *Blinks*
XNatalieJamesonX: I am?
xDudexDeanx: *nods* Yes
XNatalieJamesonX: ...Wow. That's a turnup for the books! *slips off the sill*
xDudexDeanx: *grins* Pomfrey just told me to tell you
xDudexDeanx: Don't know why she couldn't herself, mind...
XNatalieJamesonX: Too busy telling Hermione to go away-
XNatalieJamesonX: But I'm out- Lets not just stand in here.
xDudexDeanx: Shall I carry you out over my shoulder?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Smirks* If it makes you feel good
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs, and lifts you over his shoulder*
xDudexDeanx: Where to milady?
XNatalieJamesonX: *giggles, her hair hanging over her head* Take me where you will-
xDudexDeanx: You tell me where
xDudexDeanx: I've no idea
xDudexDeanx: You're the one in control of this relationship
XNatalieJamesonX: I wear the trousers, huh?
xDudexDeanx: *laughs* Yup
XNatalieJamesonX: *Laughs, and snorts because she is upsidedown*
xDudexDeanx: Aww!
xDudexDeanx: That's cute
XNatalieJamesonX: *slaps your arse* I am not cute
xDudexDeanx: *grinning* So who's the cute girl I've been going out with all year?
xDudexDeanx: Where's she gone?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Grins* Lost, Broken.
xDudexDeanx: Shame
xDudexDeanx: Can I take you home for Christmas instead then?
XNatalieJamesonX: I wouldn't mind, *smirks* Much
xDudexDeanx: *nods* Good
xDudexDeanx: I can fit you in my trunk easily, I think...
XNatalieJamesonX: As long as I'm not upsidedown...
xDudexDeanx: *laughs, and sets you down the right side up*
xDudexDeanx: Sorry
XNatalieJamesonX: *Looks abit dizzy, and giggles* Its okay
xDudexDeanx: *steadies you, and then takes your hand*
xDudexDeanx: So where shall I take you?
xDudexDeanx: Or, you take me
xDudexDeanx: Since you're the boss
XNatalieJamesonX: *Grins* Let's go outside!
xDudexDeanx: *apprehensively* Alright
XNatalieJamesonX: *Stops* What?
xDudexDeanx: *scrunches up his nose* It's cold outside, and you just got out of there and I want to...
xDudexDeanx: *nods* Y'know...
XNatalieJamesonX: *raises an eyebrow* Stay inside?
xDudexDeanx: Yeah...
xDudexDeanx: With you
XNatalieJamesonX: *Shrugs* Okay
xDudexDeanx: *pulls you to him and kisses you gently on the lips*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Pulls away, grinning, and kisses you once again* So, where are we going?
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* Somewhere where we can do more of that
xDudexDeanx: And where it's warm
XNatalieJamesonX: ...That room place? I forgrt what it's called...
xDudexDeanx: Room of Requirement?
XNatalieJamesonX: That'll do
xDudexDeanx: *grins, and picks you up in his arms*
xDudexDeanx: *carries you along the corridor* Remember when I used to do this?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Smiles* What's all this in aid of?
xDudexDeanx: I missed you
xDudexDeanx: When you were in there
XNatalieJamesonX: I was always there *smiles*
xDudexDeanx: I know
xDudexDeanx: But I couldn't take you away to empty classrooms or anything, could I?
xDudexDeanx: *grins*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Laughs*
xDudexDeanx: *sets you back down on the ground as they come to a door*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Watches you pace*
XNatalieJamesonX: So...How have you been?
xDudexDeanx: *opens the door*
xDudexDeanx: Bored without you
xDudexDeanx: *gestures for you to enter ahead of him*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Does so*
XNatalieJamesonX: You haven't said much, Really
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs*
xDudexDeanx: I just like looking at you *grins*
xDudexDeanx: *closes the door* Is there a radio or CD player or something in here?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Looks around. and then points to a table*
XNatalieJamesonX: Your wish is granted
xDudexDeanx: *takes off his cloak and throws it over a chair*
xDudexDeanx: Switch it on
XNatalieJamesonX: *shrugs, walks over to the table, and switches play*
xDudexDeanx: *starts nodding his head in time to the music*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Looks at you* Who is this?
xDudexDeanx: *pulls a face, thinking*
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs*
xDudexDeanx: I don't know
xDudexDeanx: Good, though
XNatalieJamesonX: *nods, sitting down and listening*
xDudexDeanx: *shakes his head* No...
xDudexDeanx: Come dance
xDudexDeanx: *takes your hands in his and tries to pull you up*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Lets you pull her up, looking at you strangly*
XNatalieJamesonX: Didn't know you could dance...
xDudexDeanx: Didn't know I could play the saxophone either, did you?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Laughs* Nope
xDudexDeanx: Tell me something about you, now
XNatalieJamesonX: I got thrown out of a gymnastic team when I was eleven
xDudexDeanx: *laughs, and dips you backwards* What for?
XNatalieJamesonX: I didn't listen to the instructor, I just wanted to do my own thing
XNatalieJamesonX: I kick a girl in the face
XNatalieJamesonX: kicked*
xDudexDeanx: *laughs, pulling you upwards quickly*
XNatalieJamesonX: *laughs softly* I hated her stupid routine
xDudexDeanx: *puts his hands on your lower back and rests his forehead against yours*
xDudexDeanx: Tell me something else
XNatalieJamesonX: I once brought a pink dress of my own free will
xDudexDeanx: *bites his lip, trying not to laugh*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Whispers* And I wore it
xDudexDeanx: *snorts*
xDudexDeanx: I hate carrots
XNatalieJamesonX: Good, fo you, Carrots
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* I tried them when I was little and I was nearly sick
XNatalieJamesonX: *grins*
xDudexDeanx: What? I was!
XNatalieJamesonX: What else do you hate?
xDudexDeanx: *thinks*
xDudexDeanx: Slytherins
xDudexDeanx: And...war
xDudexDeanx: And Ron's hair
XNatalieJamesonX: The ginger guy?
xDudexDeanx: Yes
XNatalieJamesonX: *snorts*
xDudexDeanx: It's too long
xDudexDeanx: And... it's ginger
xDudexDeanx: I know it's not his fault
xDudexDeanx: But still...
xDudexDeanx: I hate Potions class, too
xDudexDeanx: What do you hate?
XNatalieJamesonX: Those kinda girls- that want to rule everything...
XNatalieJamesonX: High heels...
XNatalieJamesonX: Bouncy castles...
xDudexDeanx: *smiles* What's wrong with bouncy castles?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Sticks her tounge out in distaste* They always give me friction burns...
xDudexDeanx: *moves his head and rests it on your shoulder*
xDudexDeanx: What do you love?
XNatalieJamesonX: Cheese...
XNatalieJamesonX: rock music...
xDudexDeanx: Cheesy rock music?
XNatalieJamesonX: *Scrunches up her nose* Not quite
xDudexDeanx: *laughs a little to himself*
xDudexDeanx: What else?
XNatalieJamesonX: Mini Skirks *Grins*
xDudexDeanx: Oh I do love those *grins as well*
XNatalieJamesonX: Shame I can't wear thema round school really...
xDudexDeanx: You could wear them in here
xDudexDeanx: *lifts his head up* You could wear that leotard you told me about as well in here
XNatalieJamesonX: *smirks* Remembered that did you?
xDudexDeanx: *nods innocently* You have a fantastic figure
xDudexDeanx: You should show it off to me more often
XNatalieJamesonX: I should, should I?
xDudexDeanx: Yes
xDudexDeanx: You should
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* Maybe it could be my Christmas present...
xDudexDeanx: You in a mini skirt and then you again in a leotard
XNatalieJamesonX: Or..I could just wear nothing...
xDudexDeanx: *grins*
xDudexDeanx: Surprise me
xDudexDeanx: *kisses you once*
xDudexDeanx: You didn't ask me what I love
XNatalieJamesonX: Okay...What do you love?
xDudexDeanx: I love art
xDudexDeanx: And music
xDudexDeanx: And cola
xDudexDeanx: I do particularly miss that when I'm here
XNatalieJamesonX: *Laughs* There is a fridge over there...
xDudexDeanx: *lights up* Really?
xDudexDeanx: *pulls his arms from around you and makes his way over to it*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Puts a hand on her hip for a moemnt, then pulls her jumper off*
xDudexDeanx: *pulls the fridge open and pulls out a can of coke* They got cheese in this too!
XNatalieJamesonX: *Laughs*
xDudexDeanx: *pulls it out and throws it over to you*
XNatalieJamesonX: *catches it* Thanks
xDudexDeanx: *closes the fridge and takes a seat on the sofa*
xDudexDeanx: Thank the magical fridge
xDudexDeanx: But-
xDudexDeanx: Don't eat it now
xDudexDeanx: *puts his can down on a table*
xDudexDeanx: C'mere
XNatalieJamesonX: *Places the packet of cheese on the table, and walks over to you*
xDudexDeanx: *pulls you onto his lap and kisses you*
XNatalieJamesonX: *kisses you back, settling into your lap*
xDudexDeanx: *puts his hands on your hips and pulls you closer to him until you're pressed against him*
xDudexDeanx: *pulls away from you*
xDudexDeanx: *softly* How's your head?
XNatalieJamesonX: I think I've got the hang of this thing...
XNatalieJamesonX: *Frowns and looks away* Don't think it's going to go away.
xDudexDeanx: *smiles* Maybe you can be a Seer, just like Neville said
XNatalieJamesonX: *Looks confused* This was convieniant, only a few months after Neville said it...
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* Maybe he's once
xDudexDeanx: *one
xDudexDeanx: *laughs* I doubt it though
xDudexDeanx: He doesn't even see the Trick Step coming
XNatalieJamesonX: Bless him...
XNatalieJamesonX: I've never fallen into a trip step *grins*
xDudexDeanx: It's the one everyone avoids on their way up to Gryffindor Tower
xDudexDeanx: You probably subconciously jump it when someone else does
xDudexDeanx: Like Seamus and me do-
xDudexDeanx: *frowns, and stops*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Puts her hand on your cheek*
XNatalieJamesonX: It'll be alright-
XNatalieJamesonX: He'll be fine.
xDudexDeanx: *looks at you*
xDudexDeanx: I believe you
XNatalieJamesonX: *smiles*
XNatalieJamesonX: You have to now-
xDudexDeanx: *nods, grinning* Yeah
xDudexDeanx: *moves you so that you are both lying down on the sofa*
XNatalieJamesonX: Seren'll be fine too....
XNatalieJamesonX: She;ll go back to him- He didn't mean it, not really.
xDudexDeanx: *nods, placing his hand on your hip*
xDudexDeanx: He's not well
XNatalieJamesonX: I know...
xDudexDeanx: *pulls you close to him again*
xDudexDeanx: I wish we were speaking properly again
XNatalieJamesonX: *Puts her hand on your back* You will be
xDudexDeanx: Really?
XNatalieJamesonX: *nods*
xDudexDeanx: *smiles*