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14 December 2005 @ 10:08 pm

Two for one, because I can't remember how to LJ cut anymore... -_-

Dean and Natalie, in the RoR


Seamus and Seren, in the Gryffindor common room

XNatalieJamesonX: *Watches you as you wake up*
XNatalieJamesonX: I play the Piano.
xDudexDeanx: *rolls over to face you and opens his eyes sleepily*
xDudexDeanx: Hmm?
XNatalieJamesonX: I play Piano *repeats*
xDudexDeanx: *grins*
xDudexDeanx: *slurring because of his tiredness* We still playing that game?
XNatalieJamesonX: *nods*
XNatalieJamesonX: I can't believe I didn't tell you that...
xDudexDeanx: *stretches his arms in front of him*
xDudexDeanx: I dressed up as a Christmas angel as a dare one year, because Seamus told me to
XNatalieJamesonX: *Laughs*
XNatalieJamesonX: An angel?
xDudexDeanx: *nods* Mmhm
xDudexDeanx: I think it was two years ago
xDudexDeanx: We went carolling around my street
xDudexDeanx: I was an angel
xDudexDeanx: I think he was a shepherd or something...
XNatalieJamesonX: ...As you do.
XNatalieJamesonX: I've never been caroling.
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* It's cold
xDudexDeanx: I don't like the cold
XNatalieJamesonX: Awww...*Smiles playfully*
xDudexDeanx: I'm cold now
xDudexDeanx: Warm me up
XNatalieJamesonX: *Shifts closer to you, and wraps the blanket tighter around you*
xDudexDeanx: *wraps his arms around your waist* Lovely
XNatalieJamesonX: *Snuggles in*
XNatalieJamesonX: I hold a record.
xDudexDeanx: In what?
XNatalieJamesonX: Standing on my headfor half an hour.
xDudexDeanx: *laughs softly*
xDudexDeanx: I broke my arm when I was nine
XNatalieJamesonX: Ouch...
xDudexDeanx: Mel's fault
xDudexDeanx: She fouled me when we were playing Two-A-Side
xDudexDeanx: *proudly* I didn't cry though
XNatalieJamesonX: Good Boy...*grins*
xDudexDeanx: I never used to when I was younger
xDudexDeanx: But when I came here things changed...
XNatalieJamesonX: Oh?
xDudexDeanx: *nods and looks a bit embarrassed*
xDudexDeanx: Yeah...I dunno what it was...
xDudexDeanx: I think it was homesickness first
XNatalieJamesonX: *Nods*
XNatalieJamesonX: Stuff like that happens
xDudexDeanx: Yeah?
XNatalieJamesonX: Yeah *smiles*
XNatalieJamesonX: I never used to cry
XNatalieJamesonX: I was a big girl.
xDudexDeanx: *grins*
xDudexDeanx: But girls are meant to cry
xDudexDeanx: Boys aren't
XNatalieJamesonX: Sexist
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* It's the...stereotypical view that's been implanted into my head from a very young age
xDudexDeanx: It's not my fault
XNatalieJamesonX: ..Sure.
xDudexDeanx: Blame society
xDudexDeanx: And Tony
xDudexDeanx: Who told me "Big boys don't cry, Dean"
XNatalieJamesonX: I reckon, real boys cry
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* Whatever
xDudexDeanx: *shifts uncomfortably*
XNatalieJamesonX: *Smiles*
XNatalieJamesonX: Theres nothing wrong with it.
xDudexDeanx: *quietly* I know...
xDudexDeanx: *starts playing with your hair*
XNatalieJamesonX: You sure you know?
xDudexDeanx: *nods silently*
XNatalieJamesonX: Wht's up?
xDudexDeanx: Nothing
xDudexDeanx: Just...
XNatalieJamesonX: What?
xDudexDeanx: Seamus used to laugh at me
xDudexDeanx: And I don't know why
xDudexDeanx: He used to get homesick too
xDudexDeanx: I never said anything to him
XNatalieJamesonX: Seamus constantly feels the need to feel good
XNatalieJamesonX: If he has to put others down, he will...
xDudexDeanx: *sniffs* He always used to pick on me, Nat
XNatalieJamesonX: He picks on everyone...
xDudexDeanx: *mumbles, sounding a little upset* Always used to be me
XNatalieJamesonX: *Rubs your arm* Its alright
XNatalieJamesonX: I'll beat him up next time
xDudexDeanx: *breaks into a small grin* You beat him up anyway
XNatalieJamesonX: Damn straight.




xSuperSerenx: *is sitting at a table in the common room, writing up an essay*
Brave Seamus: *Pauses by you, and sits down*#
Brave Seamus: Hey.
xSuperSerenx: *looks up*
xSuperSerenx: Hi
Brave Seamus: How are you?
xSuperSerenx: *swallows*
xSuperSerenx: Okay
xSuperSerenx: You?
Brave Seamus: Okay...
xSuperSerenx: You any better?
Brave Seamus: *Shrugs, and looks at his hands*
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you for a few moments, and then looks back at her work*
xSuperSerenx: *says indifferently* I heard about you and Juliet
Brave Seamus: She tied me to a bench.
xSuperSerenx: *quickly* I know
xSuperSerenx: I heard
Brave Seamus: She doesn't really care, No one cares.
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you*
xSuperSerenx: How can you sit there and say that?
Brave Seamus: Because its true,
xSuperSerenx: Except it's not true, because I care about you
xSuperSerenx: And I've tried helping you and it got me nowhere
xSuperSerenx: *starts to roll up her parchment and gather her books*
Brave Seamus: *looks at you*
Brave Seamus: I said sorry.
Brave Seamus: There isn't much else I can do.
xSuperSerenx: *stops and sighs*
xSuperSerenx: We can't keep going around in this circle
Brave Seamus: *Looks at his hands*
xSuperSerenx: I don't want to be doing this, it's not fair
Brave Seamus: *shrugs* Alright
xSuperSerenx: I care about you
xSuperSerenx: I want you to get better
xSuperSerenx: I don't know if that'll mean anything to you
xSuperSerenx: I just hope it does, because I want to be with you
Brave Seamus: *looks up at you* Do you?
xSuperSerenx: *nods, looking at you*
Brave Seamus: *smiles looking at his hands*
xSuperSerenx: Do you?
Brave Seamus: *nods*
xSuperSerenx: Even though I really shouldn't since you ran off with the first hussy that came your way...

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