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18 December 2005 @ 09:40 pm

Who?: Seamus and Seren
Where?: Infirmary
When?: Sometime this morning

Brave Seamus: I'm not crazy y'know. *Doesn't look at you*
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you* I know you're not
Brave Seamus: Then why am I still in here?
xSuperSerenx: *shrugs* I don't know, bach
Brave Seamus: *Looks at you*
Brave Seamus: That's not a reason- 'Bach'
Brave Seamus: Music has nothingto do with it.
xSuperSerenx: *shakes her head* It's Welsh...
xSuperSerenx: *looks out of the window* It's affectionate
Brave Seamus: What does it mean?
xSuperSerenx: *half smiles* Little
Brave Seamus: Well...I'm not little.
xSuperSerenx: *smiling to herself* I know...
Brave Seamus: So.
Brave Seamus: How long am I in here?
xSuperSerenx: *shrugs, looking back at you* I'm not sure
xSuperSerenx: Pomfrey wouldn't tell me earlier
xSuperSerenx: She's preoccupied with Harry
Brave Seamus: Oh. I'm less important. Of course.
xSuperSerenx: *a little bitterly* Everyone is less important than Wonderboy, you should know that by now
Brave Seamus: *Nods* Whats wrong with him now?
xSuperSerenx: *sighs* I don't know
Brave Seamus: Is his girlfiend with him?
xSuperSerenx: *shakes her head* Neville's been there all night
Brave Seamus: Yeah, might as well just admit he's in love with him
xSuperSerenx: *scowls at you, and goes to say something, but decides better of it and turns to look out of the window again*
Brave Seamus: There;s Hermione now anyway....
xSuperSerenx: *doesn't turn to look and folds her arms* Mm
Brave Seamus: What is it?
xSuperSerenx: Nothing
Brave Seamus: Tell me.
xSuperSerenx: *snaps* I'm fine
Brave Seamus: *rolls his eyes* No need to get snarky
xSuperSerenx: I'm not getting snarky
Brave Seamus: Its all you girls seem to do.
xSuperSerenx: Stop stereotyping
Brave Seamus: Stop being a stereotype.
xSuperSerenx: *sighs* I'm not going to argue with you
Brave Seamus: I hope not.
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you* Because you'd lose
Brave Seamus: *snorts*
xSuperSerenx: *raises her eyebrows*
xSuperSerenx: Are you suggesting I wouldn't?
Brave Seamus: Might be
xSuperSerenx: *stands up* I'll see you later
xSuperSerenx: I've got some stuff to do...
Brave Seamus: *Scowls at you, and stares at the ceiling*
xSuperSerenx: *sighs and then goes to leave the room*

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