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30 December 2005 @ 10:54 pm

Who: Seamus and Seren
Where: Gryffindor Common Room, then the boys dorms
Summary: Seamus is out of the hospital wing and he talks to Seren...and then things get heated. (R/NC-17)

xSuperSerenx: *looks over at you sitting alone in the common room as she comes down the stairs of the girls dorms*
Brave Seamus: *Fiddles with his quill, staring into the fire*
xSuperSerenx: *watches you for a moment, before going over to you*
xSuperSerenx: *quietly* Hey...
Brave Seamus: *Jumps, and drops his quill* Hey!
Brave Seamus: *Bends over to pick it up*
xSuperSerenx: I didn't know you were out of hospital...
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you*
Brave Seamus: *shrugs* No reason to keep me up there.
xSuperSerenx: Oh
xSuperSerenx: You, er-
xSuperSerenx: Could've let me know *shrugs*
Brave Seamus: How? i can't get into the Girl's dormitries.
xSuperSerenx: I've been around
xSuperSerenx: You could have sent someone
xSuperSerenx: Or, I don't know...
xSuperSerenx: *sighs, looking out of the window*
Brave Seamus: *Shrugs, and sinks further into his seat*
xSuperSerenx: *not looking at you* So when did you get out?
Brave Seamus: This morning.
xSuperSerenx: *swallows* Oh, right
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you* Do you still love me?
xSuperSerenx: *shrugs* I had to ask
Brave Seamus: Yes. *He mutters, so she can hardly hear him*
xSuperSerenx: *frowns* What?
Brave Seamus: Yes *louder*
xSuperSerenx: *nods*
xSuperSerenx: You don't act like it
Brave Seamus: And how do I act like it? Exactly?
xSuperSerenx: You used to...
xSuperSerenx: You used to act like you wanted to be with me so badly and now it's like you're bored or something
xSuperSerenx: *folds her arms and sighs*
Brave Seamus: *Loks up at you* I'm depressed. *Looks away*
xSuperSerenx: *slightly surprised* Oh...
xSuperSerenx: Have...
xSuperSerenx: Uh- does Pomfrey...has she given you... something?
Brave Seamus: No. I don't need it. I'm not a nutcase.
xSuperSerenx: Does she know?
Brave Seamus: How should I know?
Brave Seamus: *Sighs, and reaches out, oulling you into his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist*
xSuperSerenx: *stiffens her back when she sits down*
xSuperSerenx: You were in hospital... I thought maybe she would have diagnosed you or something, I don't know...
Brave Seamus: I'm sorry.
xSuperSerenx: What for?
xSuperSerenx: *looks at you*
Brave Seamus: I dunno *nuzzles your back*
xSuperSerenx: *looks away from you*
xSuperSerenx: You're not well, Seamus, you shouldn't have to apologize
Brave Seamus: Shouldn't I?
xSuperSerenx: *shakes her head* No
Brave Seamus: oh
xSuperSerenx: *trying to sound light* I'm just being selfish...
Brave Seamus: Are you?
Brave Seamus: How?
xSuperSerenx: Expecting you to come running to find me...
xSuperSerenx: *shrugs*
xSuperSerenx: Expecting stuff from you when you've not been well - when you're still unwell
Brave Seamus: &doesn't look at you*
xSuperSerenx: *looks back at you and starts playing with your hair*
xSuperSerenx: Talk to me, Seamus
Brave Seamus: What do you want me to say?
xSuperSerenx: I don't know
xSuperSerenx: Anything
Brave Seamus: Hi
xSuperSerenx: *laughs a little*
xSuperSerenx: Hi
xSuperSerenx: *relaxes a little*
Brave Seamus: *laughs softly*
xSuperSerenx: Do you want anything?
Brave Seamus: Nah...I'ma lright
xSuperSerenx: Sure?
xSuperSerenx: I don't mind, I can go down to the kitchens if you want
xSuperSerenx: I mean I used to for Neville-
xSuperSerenx: *cuts herself off*
Brave Seamus: *is quiet for a moment* I'm fine
xSuperSerenx: *nods* Alright, if you say so
xSuperSerenx: *swallows* Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned him
Brave Seamus: *shrugs*
xSuperSerenx: *looks down at her lap*
xSuperSerenx: What's happened to us
Brave Seamus: Nothing
xSuperSerenx: We used to be so close
Brave Seamus: *shrugs* We're still close.
xSuperSerenx: *looks up at you* You think so?
Brave Seamus: *nods* Yeah
xSuperSerenx: *smiles* I didn't think you felt we were
xSuperSerenx: *starts drawing circles on your neck with her finger*
Brave Seamus: I remember we used to talk
xSuperSerenx: Before you...got ill
Brave Seamus: *nods*
xSuperSerenx: And we used to...
xSuperSerenx: You know
Brave Seamus: *looks up*
xSuperSerenx: *raises her eyebrows*
xSuperSerenx: Fool around
Brave Seamus: *laughs*
xSuperSerenx: Well we did
xSuperSerenx: *smiles a little* And I enjoyed that
xSuperSerenx: *wraps her arms around your neck, hugging you*
xSuperSerenx: And I kind-of miss it
Brave Seamus: You do, Huh?
xSuperSerenx: *nods*
xSuperSerenx: Do you?
Brave Seamus: *nods*
xSuperSerenx: *smiles and pulls away from the hug*
xSuperSerenx: *kisses you*
Brave Seamus: *kisses back, outting his hands on your sieds*
xSuperSerenx: *pulls away* Do you want to go upstairs?
Brave Seamus: *shrugs* Okay
xSuperSerenx: *stands up, straightening her skirt, and takes your hand*
xSuperSerenx: *pulls you up the stairs to the boys dorms*
Brave Seamus: *lets you pull him*
xSuperSerenx: *closes the door behind the both of you and kisses you again*
Brave Seamus: *pushes you against the wall, his hands wandering down*
xSuperSerenx: *slips in her tongue as you kiss, allowing your hands to do as they please*
xSuperSerenx: *runs her hand through your hair and pushes your hand downwards with her other hand*
Brave Seamus: *pushes his hand past to waistband of your underwear and kisses you harder*
xSuperSerenx: *returns the kiss with urgency*
Brave Seamus: *Masarges between your legs, pushing you up harder against the wall*
xSuperSerenx: *moans into the kiss, arching her back and moving her hips to meet your strokes*
Brave Seamus: *Spins you around and pushes you backwards onto on eof the beds*
xSuperSerenx: *pulls you with her so you land on top of her*
xSuperSerenx: *kisses you again*
Brave Seamus: *Pushes one leg inbetween yours, and starts to undo your shirt*
xSuperSerenx: *tugs frantically at your tie and eventually manages to undo it and throws it to the floor before starting on the buttons of your shirt*
xSuperSerenx: *starts on the belt of your jeans, managing to undo it effortlessly*
Brave Seamus: *Pushes the shirt over your shoulders, and leans down to nip at your neck*
xSuperSerenx: *pushes both your boxers and trousers down  in one movement, and shivers as you nip her neck*
xSuperSerenx: *whispers* Do that again
Brave Seamus: *Shruggs and does it again, pushing your knickers down*
xSuperSerenx: *moans with pleasure*
xSuperSerenx: *puts her hand on your neck and holds on to your hair between her fingers*
xSuperSerenx: *slightly impatiently but breathlessly* Oh, just do it already Seamus
Brave Seamus: *pushes into you, groaning*
xSuperSerenx: *her back arches and she lets out a small moan*
xSuperSerenx: *tightens her grip on your hair as you move together*

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