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09 December 2005 @ 11:40 pm

Who?: Dean and Neville
Where?: Great Hall at Lunch
When?: Err, lunchtime today?

xDudexDeanx: *sits opposite you for lunch* Alright mate?
I lost my toad: Hey!
I lost my toad: *sits up*
xDudexDeanx: You okay?
xDudexDeanx: *takes a slice of bread*
xDudexDeanx: You seem a bit...
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* Forlorn, or something
I lost my toad: It was Seren...
I lost my toad: And Harry's ill....
xDudexDeanx: *frowns* Forget about her, she's moved on
xDudexDeanx: She's happy with Seamus
I lost my toad: He hit her.
xDudexDeanx: *pauses mid-bite*
xDudexDeanx: *removes the bitten bread from his mouth*
xDudexDeanx: Excuse me?
xDudexDeanx: Did you say what I think you said?
I lost my toad: *nods*
I lost my toad: Natalie knows...
xDudexDeanx: *puts his bread on his plate*
I lost my toad: Didn't she tell you?
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* I haven't seen much of her.. She sleeps a lot, when I'm not in class and then... she's just seeing so much it's hard for her, I think...
xDudexDeanx: *looks at you for reasurence* There must be a reason she didn't tell me, right?
I lost my toad: *Shrugs* I dunno, Girls are weird...
I lost my toad: there scare me.
I lost my toad: they*
I lost my toad: A lot.
I lost my toad: A lot, a lot.
xDudexDeanx: *grins* Which one in particular?
I lost my toad: *Mumbles* Juliet.
xDudexDeanx: *raises his eyebrows*
xDudexDeanx: Hogwarts Bicycle
xDudexDeanx: Oh dear
xDudexDeanx: She stalking you?
I lost my toad: ...I dunno
xDudexDeanx: Be careful with that one
xDudexDeanx: She's like ...
xDudexDeanx: *thinks*
xDudexDeanx: She's like a seagull
xDudexDeanx: If you feed her, she won't leave you alone
xDudexDeanx: *takes his bread and bites into it again*
I lost my toad: How do I make her go away?!
xDudexDeanx: *looks at you* You didn't...
xDudexDeanx: ...You know, give her what she wanted, did you?
I lost my toad: What does she want?! *looks scared*
xDudexDeanx: *sighs*
xDudexDeanx: She wants sex
xDudexDeanx: Juliet wants sex
I lost my toad: *looks horrified*
I lost my toad: She wants WHAT?!
xDudexDeanx: *calmly* Sex
I lost my toad: Oh god
I lost my toad: Oh god
I lost my toad: Oh GOD.
xDudexDeanx: Calm down
I lost my toad: What will I DO?!
xDudexDeanx: You're making a scene
xDudexDeanx: *takes another slice of bread*
xDudexDeanx: Get rid of her
xDudexDeanx: Unless you want to have sex with her
xDudexDeanx: Then you should just get it over with
I lost my toad: I'm NOT goingto have sex with HER!
xDudexDeanx: *shrugs* Then ditch her
xDudexDeanx: Tell her to leave you alone
I lost my toad: *squeaks* What is she hurts me?
xDudexDeanx: *rolls his eyes* She won't hurt you
xDudexDeanx: She's a girl
xDudexDeanx: She'll... appreciate the honesty and be glad you weren't stringing her along
xDudexDeanx: Or something along those lines
I lost my toad: *looks at you oddly*
I lost my toad: Will she?
xDudexDeanx: It's what They usually say
I lost my toad: Oh...
xDudexDeanx: *clears his throat*
xDudexDeanx: So-
xDudexDeanx: Er, when did Seamus...
xDudexDeanx: You know
I lost my toad: A few days ago
xDudexDeanx: *lowers his voice* He must be out of his mind... what did he do it for, did she tell you?
I lost my toad: *Shakes his head*
I lost my toad: She was pretyt beat up
I lost my toad: Big black bruises
xDudexDeanx: *sighs* What a complete and utter...
I lost my toad: He was drunk
I lost my toad: She said he didn't mean it
xDudexDeanx: That's what they always say

Current Music: California - Phantom Planet